General Business Law, Governance and Management Legal Consulting and Legal Coaching

The corporate law practice is one of the basic practice areas of our team. We provide high-quality legal services to foreign investors as well as to local businesses in corporate law matters, from the formation of a legal entity to more complex issues such as share and asset transactions or shareholder rights:

  • Company, branch and representative office establishment and registration
  • Joint ventures and partnerships
  • Share and asset deals, squeeze-outs and sell-outs, shareholder agreements
  • Corporate governance, (re)structuring and due diligence
  • Majority and minority shareholder rights, including shareholder disputes
  • Management agreements and directing body disputes
  • Disposals, mergers, de-mergers and transformations
  • Winding-up and liquidation
  • Acquiring activity and operating licences


Public Private Partnership (PPP)

The PPP projects are at quite an early stage. Our team has advised both public and private partners as well as lenders in project finance and PPP projects in various fields. We are available to act on all aspects of project finance and PPP projects, including:

  • Project structuring (including tax issues)
  • Public procurement issues
  • Concessions and other types of PPP contracts
  • Loan agreements
  • Collateral structure and agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Inter-creditor agreements
  • Construction agreements
  • Zoning issues
  • Insurance issues

Negotiations at all stages


Mergers and Acquisitions

(M&A) transactions are becoming increasingly complex, so efficient legal support is crucial in managing such intensive projects, from preparing adequate documentation and holding tactical negotiations to ensuring smooth completion of the transactions.

We are available to act for investors, buyers and sellers, on all aspects related to acquisitions, disposals and mergers:

  • Acquisition bid advice
  • Structuring acquisitions (including tax advice)
  • Due diligence
  • Buy-outs
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Privatisations
  • Share and asset disposals and other exits
  • Property M&A
  • Joint ventures
  • Corporate mergers and de-mergers
  • Negotiations at all stages
  • Post-acquisition due diligence and integration


Business Transactions

While laws remain national in character, international trade is not limited or restricted by national borders. With the help of our lawyers clients’ business should know no borders. We assist clients in building business relations, and help them with drafting and enforcing international agreements:

  • Commercial agency agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Franchising agreements
  • Subcontracting and outsourcing agreements
  • Purchase and licensing of intellectual property and other agreements


Rehabilitation & Turnaround

We offer experience in planning and implementing restructuring of debt, finance facilities, and corporate structures. Our restructuring services include:

  • Representing secured and unsecured creditors in restructuring loan facilities
  • Acting as restructuring advisors
  • Representing debtors-in-possession in restructuring proceedings
  • Planning and carrying out restructuring plans
  • Advising on restructuring plan voting agreements and claims trading
  • Planning confirmation actions (including cramdowns)
  • Acquiring assets from restructuring estates
  • Debt collection


Insolvency Proceedings

We offer experience in representing a full spectrum of stakeholders and interests, from a company in trouble, to a secured or unsecured creditor, a debtor, a director, an equity holder or other stakeholder, at any stage of insolvency or bankruptcy:

  • Enforcement of securities
  • Investigating, pursuing, and defending claims for and against insolvent companies and directors
  • Debt collection
  • Acting as bankruptcy trustees
  • Acquiring assets from bankrupt estates
  • Advice on cross-border insolvency issues, including EU Insolvency
  • Regulation
  • Insolvency litigation


Conciliation & Arbitration and Legal Representation

Even though we are business-oriented and our overall goals are aimed at dispute avoidance, we are always ready to help our clients in existing or potential disputes – from initial claims to legal proceedings in courts of final instance:

  • Development of litigation strategy
  • Creation of possible solutions
  • Selection of best course of action
  • Pre-trial assistance
  • Amicable settlements
  • Preparation of documents and representation in all court instances
  • Preparation of documents and representation in arbitration process
  • Application for interim measures
  • Recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards and court judgments
  • Acting as conciliator or arbitrator

Legal representation